Thursday, 2 May 2013

Care of the elderly

On the ward round this morning...

Reg: Tofu, what do you notice about his mouth?
Me: Well, i'm pretty sure that's just a blob of dried toothpaste on the corner
Reg: No not that..... *turns to look at the nurse* So how long has he had the facial droop for?

Okay, so turns out, the Reg didn't really care about the blob of white toothpaste, and luckily it wasn't actually a droop, it had always been there. 


Ah, it's been a while since i've last blogged! 

Since my last post, I've had 5 weeks of Psychiatry and an ICA in between, and now i'm out in the countryside in the North  ( thanks for pointing that out to me Grumpy) South East of England, with the care of the elderly team. 

In summary, this is pretty much ALL OF YEAR 3 squished into one module, or indeed into a single individual. It's definitely general medicine at its finest.  

Being the "specialities" year, every module this year has been pretty much a different speciality with the same thing week in week out; but COTE makes a really nice change. It's chucking me back into general medicine, and making me realise how much of it I've forgotten. 

I wish i posted a bit more now, i've had a few encounters with really nice patient's and it would have been a nice memory to have kept, and to read back on in the future. I will try! However, until then, there's 9 mini cases I need to get through.... work times! 


Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk said...

Ahh good, you're back, I'd been wondering where you'd got to :P

How come you're all the way up in NE England rather than London? Are you doing an elective or something?

Tofu said...

You're right grumpy! haha a silly typo by me.. or more like a lapse of thinking! i was thinking NE london trust, and then somehow got that muddled up!

And yes, im back! i've been too lazy, but with a little over a year to go, it's my last chance to scribble down these memories which i'll otherwise forget in years to come! ^^ Hope you're doing well!!! Time to stalk your blog!