Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Derma-holiday + revision update

"Derma-holiday" - it's in the name!

The dermatology placement so far has been as described, pretty much holiday-esque. There's just 3 clinics to attend in 2 weeks, and the rest of the time.. well that's all private study or teaching sessions.

That said, dermatology is far from simple. In principle (from the books) it seems pretty straight forward, but when it comes to seeing these skin conditions, unless it's screamingly obvious (Psoriasis - silvery plaques on the extensor surfaces).. then sadly for me, everything pretty much looks the same.

Triple diagnosis

So last week, i was paired up with my friend (T) for the dermatology placement, and amidst a slow paediatrics dermatology clinic, i showed T my nails. I've got these weird dark vertical lines running through a few of them. T whips out his hands and goes "oh, me too, they're just normal i think". We sort of just left it at that.

Today in clinic, on a 2 week referral (i.e. something suspected to be pretty sinister), comes a young lady. After sitting herself in the chair opposite the consultant, she puts her hands on her laps, and indicates to these lines in her nails. The consultant asked us to come closer and have a look, and asked us what we thought of them.

It was exactly what T and I both had! - and before I could even process if it would be a good or bad idea, I stuck my hands out, and said: "oh, i have these too, and always wondered if it was a fungal infection or something".

So in clinic, there's the patient, myself and T all examining and comparing our nails with each other, and the consultant googling images to reassure the 3 of us, that it's simply a normal occurrence.

... being the medical student with a bad case of medical student syndrome, this was a pretty good day - getting a clinic done and a diagnosis all in one morning.

Revision left to cram 

So there's now only 34 days till end of year exams, and just 17 till the ICA!
Here's what's left to be done:

Care of the Elderly
Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Sexual Health and HIV

... best make full use of my dermaholiday! REVISION TIMES!

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