Saturday, 29 June 2013

Last ICA at Barts

So yesterday i sat my last ICA of medical school! 

I was a little behind the ball, and didn't quite realise it was going to be the last in course assessment (part of Paper A) of my medical school years... until my friend texted me at 1am in the morning to wish me good luck. I couldn't quite believe it.

That's it; no more in course assessments, and what simply stands between me and my medical school final exams, are these 4th year exams in 2 weeks time.

Quite scary, how quickly time has flown by!

On a positive note, the ICA yesterday turned out pretty well (i hope, it still needs to be marked). I normally blog about how i'm revising for it etc, but this time round I simply didn't have the time as I was so busy reading the material again and again, and making sure I did a lot of emq questions.

So... with only 2 weeks to go, the medical school has organised a few optional revision lectures for us (love the medical school), with a few hours dedicated to each module. I'm not sure i'll be attending all of them, but a few i think are pretty much essential (O&G!!).

So here's hows revision looking so far:

Care of the Elderly
Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Sexual Health and HIV

Whilst i've got a chunk of it striked off, there's a problem of actually remembering it all... !!

Here's 2 weeks of a lot of reading, emq questions practising, and general junk food consuming - hello chubby tofu!


Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk said...

Looks like you've covered the biggest chunk of your revision - and you still have a fortnight left. Hope the end of year exam goes well for you Tofu, well done on getting this far, keep going, just two more to go!

Tofu said...

thanks grumpy!

it's pretty scary times ahead.. the more i read, the more i forget!