Monday, 15 July 2013

Part 4B: 170 EMQs/SBAs - 3 Hours

So today was the first day of exams, and what marks just 9 days left of 4th year!

The exam paper was fair.

There was a mix of the usual straight forward questions, a few sketchy ones to mess you up, and then there are the few I mess up myself by putting pen to paper before my brain has actually thought it through.

I'm not very confident with how well i'll do this year. I have really slacked, owing to a few problems going on at home, and generally a lame excuse of not having my boyfriend around, constantly breathing down my back telling me to revise the entire year.

Feeling extremely tired at the moment, and in a way, i'm really glad it will all be over soon.

Don't get me wrong, i love medical school and all, but maybe being at university for 7 years now has really taken its toll.

Data interpretation exam tomorrow - it's a quick nap and straight to revision!

 - oh and rather miffed i wasted a day revising ENT when none of it even came up! Argh!

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