Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Part 4C: Data Interpretation exam (my last)

Okay, so it wasn't until a few days ago i realised that this was going to be my last ever data interpretation exam (final year exams is purely EMQ/SBA and OSCEs)! It's pretty evident that i'm damn clueless about these exam things... but alas there it goes, my last ever data interpretation exam. 

So after yesterday's exam, my body didn't really know what it wanted to do.

I got home from the EMQ paper feeling utterly exhausted and wanted a good two hour mini-sleep/nap before i soldiered on with revision for the data interp. paper, but i simply just couldn't fall asleep! (i hate when that happens). So instead, half sleepy I started on some revision.. what a bad idea!

With eyelids weighing down, it ended up taking me around 4 hours to do what was very little work! But again by 11 i was too tired, and decided to hit the bed.. and yep... same thing happens! It wasn't because i was nervous or anything, I was too tired to care, and simply wanted to sleep... but every time i opened my eyes to check the time, it was getting later and later, and I wasn't getting any sleep or work done.

Guessing i fell asleep around 1, my body clock wakes me up before my alarm clock at 5am, and feeling refreshed (relatively) i cracked on with some revision, and sat my paper at 11.45am this morning.

The paper was again, fair. Anything in year 4 is game, and judging by the sort of questions that came up... care of the elderly is a perfect excuse for them to chuck in everything (ECGs, CXRs)! - that said this is meant to be the last, and the hardest data interpretation exam of my medical school years.

So with this done, just the OSCEs left to go next week! (Monday and Wednesday)

Going to thoroughly relax tonight (before having to crack on with it again tomorrow), and hope I get a little more sleep!


Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk said...

Hope you're having a restful weekend Tofu, good luck with the OSCEs! Do you get a small summer holiday before starting final year? :)

Tofu said...

Hope you're doing well! - and congrats again for smashing 1st year!
I do get a small holiday, and im VERY THANKFUL!

I know im starting to get old, but these exams have made me feel old for the first time! So yep, short 4 week break :).. and im going to laze my way through it ^^