Friday, 24 August 2007

Blog away my time

so rather than starting my work i've just sat here and decided to blog... im sure this is my way of getting out or even just delaying starting "work".. theres just too many distractions in my bedroom.... tv ... pc .....nds lite ..... bed!!! ahhhh too many things to keep me away from the desk and few to keep me there!

Sitting at my desk in my bedroom shows how easy it is to waste time. I've woken up since 10am and sat here infront of the laptop for almost 2 hours now with no work done..even though i know i ought to finish my summer reading soon, or at least attempt to get most of it done before next week, which i'll dedicate 100% to ukcat practice etc ..

luckily i got a research project allocated for my 3rd year, and so far i don't know much about it other than its based on Alzheimer's Disease, which is pretty good since i really enjoyed studying it last year in my molecular medicine module (yay i got a 1st for this module ^^) .

Though i've been told "a previous knowledge of neuroscience is extremely helpful.... " which basically meant my supervisor has set me to read ~400 pages out a neuroscience book and several j0urnals and articles before i meet him....

perhaps i should work now... er...not in the mood......

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