Friday, 24 August 2007


Sad i din't get an interview through the graduate screening scheme at KCL, and internal selection scheme which guarantees an interview for their students for the 5year MBBS if succesful. I would have loved to continue on at kcl, as i love the atmosphere here and the location and people are all v.friendly..but with the failed GSS attempt, im definately not going to apply to kcl this september as i feel my chances here have already been considered.

This sort of makes me start to feel the stress of medicine application as i've received my first rejection even before the round of ucas applications have started! (>.<)

With that in mind i also feel the pressure for my ukcat exam next friday... as so much lies on the test and a poor result on the ukcat can almost kiss goodbye my chances of getting an interview for medical school this year.. let alone an offer...

Also .. ukcat results should help me decide where to apply more or less, though my confidence has hit rock bottum..

lets just see how things go next week first...........

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