Monday, 22 October 2007


An international student friend of mine recently added: "Voice broken" to the end of his msn nickname.. im not sure if i should tell him that usually refers to the onset of puberty in boys, as he seems to have mistaken it, thinking it means he has lost his voice after having the flu for a while now.. it is slightly rude for me to point it out .. so i havn't told him yet.. and he has been using that in his nickname for the past week now... maybe he'll change that soon as he gets better.

Finally got a western blot to work!!! SO HAPPY with the results as its taken 6+ attempts to get this right! Hopefully this won't be a one-off, and i'll have some others working so i can get some good results for my final year research project dissertation!
Left - immunufluorescent image @600nm
Right - B/W scan
(i prefer it in B/w!)

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