Wednesday, 31 October 2007

BMAT HELL + bloody uni work load!

BMAT WAS HARD TODAY .. i dread to see my results in about 3 weeks time... !
section 1 - ok not too bad
section 2 - rushed it, did no calculations random guesses
section 3 - utter failure!

thats adios to ucl... and nervous wait for the rest as ive not heard anything yet... !


on a nice note.. its reading week next week, so i've got some time to catch up and work...
all the following due before end of semester A...eek!

practical write up x 1
- protein structure and design (10%)

essay x 3
- bioinformatics (20%)
- protein structure and design (20%)
- free radicals in health and disease (30%)

assesment x 1
- biology of cancer (5%)

so in a nutshell... its going to be a tough reading week!

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