Thursday, 4 October 2007

Western Blotting Ghost

Behold.. the western blotting ghost is haunting the labs of the wolson centre at guy's campus...!!!

i fell victim to it today as i spent 6 hours to totally mess up my experiment, break 2 glass plates, waste 10 litres of running buffer, and end up losing a lot of the samples!
So in the matter of the 6 hours ( i woke up especially early in hope i would get there early and finish early so i can get home to walk the dog.. !) i ended up where i started and left the labs having finished just preparing two more gels and leaving them in the cold room until i go back next time.... WASTE OF TIME!



Finished writing up lecture notes for the first 2 lectures of the free radical module, and i have this coming weekend to make sure i'm up to date with other courses and i don't end up falling behind like i did last year.... must make all my notes before christmas!!!

tutor has finally touched my ucas form..but he still hasn't finished it yet or even sent it.. i hope he does it soon as the deadline is looming!!

on the whole.. im quite tired..but slowly getting use to uni lifestyle again, and should be well adapted soon... !!

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