Friday, 9 November 2007

Dried mango

im at the library working furiously ..but im so hungry, and don't want to go and get food cos i dont want to leave my laptop unattended, and i dont want to loft my laptop to the canteen with me... ..lucky i have with me a bag of dried mango i bought earlier on in the day at sainsburies...

so im nibbling away at a pack of dry mango from sainsburies.
Dried mango from sainsburies is really bad , the ones im eating secretly in the library now has the smell of feet and the texture of someones rubbery swollen sole is THAT BAD..

...but i am hungry..and it will have to do for eating my banana is too big a risk, being caught will mean i'll be banned from the libraray for a week
(eating that banana on the tube home today will be the highlight of my day)

so to conclude..i will be buying raisins or nuts next time, as eating feet is not that nice... no one has sat next to me at the lib today.. i blame it on the eau de feet ~!

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