Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Wasting reading week....

Reading week thus far has been incredibly.... un-productive!!

Weekend was spent building some puzzle with my friend, then off out to stevenage to visit other friends doing a placement year.. and finally to finish the weekend by joining some friends to eat chichuan(sp?) hot pot.... let me put emphasis on the word "HOT", as the chilli oil laden broth bubbled away i could only start to feel sorry for my mouth and my two ulcers, yet my tongue was telling me how tasty it was and that i should just gobble it all i decided to do just that!!

monday... well it was an excuse to be lazy and take the day off as a "relax-ing day" .. fair enough i should take a break after working quite hard this half of term

tuesday... i took another day off.. being a lazy bum and not doing any work at all and starting to hate myself for it

wednesday (today) i planned to go into uni to find a tutor so he can give me some guidance to my coursework..and hopefully i'll come back feeling inspired to work again... i feel the tv is seriously hindering my work.. as i have no self discipline and prefer spending time watching the telly than read my notes and making sure i do well ...EEK!

still not heard from any of my medical applications yet.. so i'm just going to keep on waiting, hoping and eating.

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