Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Falling behind

During the biology of cancer tutorial, i was randomly picked on again (2nd time in 3 weeks now in a classroom of about 30 odd students!) ..but this time my mind went blank, even though i finished the tutorial sheet the night before, and i had it all fresh in the morning, by the time i got to the tutorial in the afternoon i just couldn't answer the question...

i think im lying to myself if i said i knew the work though, i was only able to jot down the answer on the tutorial sheet after scrummaging through my notes for the answer the night before, yet when we swapped answer sheets my mind went blank when i was picked on..

i would like to think it was because i was a bit shocked from being picked on to answer the first queston, but in fact i think i just havn't been working at all, whilst others who got picked on answered their questions straight away, i sat there blank.

Its sort of scary, as i am starting to doubt whether i am capable of achieving a first class now, as everything now seems so much harder, and the pace is too quick for me to be up to date with notes everyweek... in all honesty i would be happy to get a 2.1 now if i can even just acheive that!

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