Thursday, 19 June 2008

which degree classification?

At least when we get lost, we can grab a map or look for road signs, for which the council, county and even country borders are clearly marked and visible to all those approaching..

...yet ..having received a phone call this morning, and notified of my borderline viva voce this coming tuesday, i don't even have a clue as to where i may be standing on the scale of things..!

With the borderline vivas dished out to students with either 39.5/49.5/59.5 or 69.5 ... i can take a shot and guess i should be on the 2.2/2.1 borderline with the 59.5 average.... yet i really do hope that perhaps a miracle occured during the summer examinations and i could have a shot at getting a 1st, and be sitting on 69.5 ... so its either a great chance to get a 1st..or a desperate attempt to clutch onto my chances of getting a 2.1, and hopefully applying for medical school next year..

the prospects of not getting a 2.1 is rather scary, especially with my offer confirmed and accepted for my MRes course next year, not getting a 2.1 now, could potentially mean that i will have nothing to do next year, and a frantic rush to apply for health related jobs, and perhaps the need to sit the gamsat.

Ahhh...either way, the viva voce will be my final opportunity to go up a grade ... so regardless to which borderline i may be sitting on.. im going to have to give it a shot!

(bearing in mind.. on 20% of the year get a viva, and only 2% passing and getting the higher class... goes to show that i am extremely unlucky >.< !!!!!!!)

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