Thursday, 5 June 2008

Summer Plans

Well exams are now officially over, and just a horrible wait until july 2nd - 3pm!
But until then... its plenty of forms to fill in and a look around for something interesting to do over the summer!

KCL Graduate Screening Scheme for 2009 entry is up and running again.. so have downloaded the application form and have partially filled it in.. on a whole i don't really make an impressive applicant..but there is no cost in trying..and at most.. i only lose a few minutes for filling in the form.

Unsure with what i want to do next year .. although i have the offer for the MRes in Biochemical Research next year.. im not too sure if i really want to do it.. it is really interesting..and i really enjoy lab work... but im not sure if i would prefer a more laid back lecture based masters in neuroscience instead... so just to see what my other options are.. i finally managed to persuade my referees to take their words to action and actually write them references for me!

Gathered my references from my 2 referees and have my ucl and kcl applications for MSc neuroscience sent in today as i walked to the post office.. so its going to a worrying wait its very late in the application cycle.. and i only have myself to blame for not chasing my referees earlier!!

Summer will just be a laid back relaxing one, hopefully will fit in some paid summe work, the ukcat test, preparation for bmat, and just personal statement writing for UCAS application 2009.

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