Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Viva was a bum!

Doesn't really matter what the border was... the chances are i havn't passed it.. as it went terribly badly..!! so its just a matter of waiting now ..only 7 days left and 19 hours~!!!

The viva voce really isn't something i could have revised for, and i sort of regret not going out to dinner with friends on the sunday night now, as the questions asked in the viva were just mind boggling... whilst my friend who also had a viva today had a nice easy question about alpha helices and beta sheets.. i had some guy drawing a squiggle on a piece of paper ...and telling me to pretend it was a protein, and then questions came firing in all directions, and well... it really wasn't pretty!

just as i got away from talking about antibodies, we were onto PI3 Kinase..my face lit up.. i was so enthusiastic.. but only for one minute or so..as the stop clock had finish running and my time was up...akkk... why couldnt the examiner have skipped the whole crap about antibodies and jsut asked me about PI3 kinase.. i wouldn't have minded spending the whole damn time talking about that... just not his stupid questions for some of which ive never even heard of!

the thought of poly and monoclonal antibodies, how they make flourescent secondary antibodies, and continous and discontinous epitopes will now haunt me for as long as my memory still functions!

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