Tuesday, 29 July 2008


It's already the last week of July, and although i've applied to quite a number of jobs, i remain unemployed; who said getting a degree would open up doors into the work place eh?

Not only that, but i question myself as to which box i should be ticking in future application forms.. as i am clearly no longer a student, but nor do i feel comfortable calling myself a biochemist working in the field of science (as i clearly am not), and in the face of reality i am just an unemployed graduate with no job and no secure future plans, other than wishing to apply for medical school once again (a box for this does not normally exist).

Being bored at home with little money to spend, i've resorted to being in charge of cleaning the house and i guess this makes the day go by slightly quicker, the simpsons at 6pm, and watching people arguing over silly matters on big brother at 9/10pm often helps a little too. Though i really ought to be revising or at least practising for my UKCAT exam which is coming up on monday.

I know i moan a lot about the UKCAT, but i really do hate the amount of importance placed on it, perhaps i am bias because i don't think i am suited to doing well in those tests, and particularly not the AR section which for me is perhaps the hardest section. Well i only have 6 days left to do the ukcat and find out what sort of score i'll be bringing forward with my application to medical school this October; and if indeed it does go badly, then i will have to do the even more dreaded Gamsat this September.


A bit random, but i've recently added a statistics widget to my blogger with an option to display the type of key words people have typed in google to reach my blog, and i find it quite funny or interesting to read the sort of things people have typed and ended up on my blog:

"Could i drink a lot of soya in 1 day"

i guess i can see how google may have associated that to my blog, but i don't think my blog has been very useful to the person typing that question into google.


Lily said...

You've just inspired me to write a post at some point about the searches that lead people to my blog. I knew I'd regret writing the word masturbation in one of my posts...

Lily said...

Almost forgot... Good luck in the UKCAT, I've got my fingers crossed for you.

Tofu said...

thanks for the good luck! - its tomorrow afternoon, but im already worrying!!

haha.. go for it (!!), everytime i come onto my blog to write a new post i have a nosey on the tool bar thing and see what people have typed into search engines to reach my blog..and it never fails to amaze me each time.. the wonders of... google!