Sunday, 14 September 2008

Almost ready for UCAS 2009

So, application deadline is finally approaching, but rather than feeling quite excited, i'm actually feeling quite unprepared; not solely because i remain undecided as to where i want to apply, but most probably because i'm on my 13th draft of my personal statement, and its still quite considerably over the 4000 character limit!

If i had to think of something to represent my personal statement, i would probably choose my attic. As they have both become overly cluttered over the years, and are full to the brim with things i ought to have gotten rid off ages ago, but havn't done so as i am unsure of its significance, as it may come in handy again in the future. Its probably pre-mature granny syndrome kicking in, but i like to keep things -- just in case !

I was finally informed about the ward i will be working on this year, and probably shouldn't mention any specifics here, other than i'm quite excited, and look forward to getting off my bum and doing something productive!

....but until then, its the annual pre-uni party tonight at my friend's house, and though its pretty good every year, its just not going to be the same, as unlike most of the people attending, i won't be stuck in a lecture theatre next monday (though i sort of wish i was...).

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