Sunday, 21 September 2008

Where to apply? - and work pay rant!

One week on from my previous post, i am still having trouble in deciding where to apply; but thankfully i have finally finished my personal statement and am on the final stages of tweaking, reading and re-reading it.

However, i found out today that i will be earning 12k a year working full time (37.5 hours/wk) as a HCA this year, and although its going to be a good experience, working only for 6 months, its hardly going to be enough to fund my travels + planned debt repayments next year, let alone a few years of my medical course, as originally hoped for.

To be honest, i was rather unhappy to see how much the pay differed from what was first advertised (if i remember correctly i saw something in the region on 19k/year!), and as a graduate i could be applying for slightly better paid jobs. I know its going to be a good experience, and although i'm complaining now, im pretty sure i will stick with it; i'm just unhappy that the job has bought with it a whole level of complication in terms of how i will make enough money, so i can do a spot of travelling next year, and won't have to be so reliant on my parents once at medical school.

- perhaps even more part time work will be the way to go!


Anonymous said...

Warwick because it's all graduates, and Leeds.

Tofu said...

i do like the idea of warwick being 100% graduates, but then again they seem to base their selection quite heavily on the ukcat, and with a mediocre 662.5 im not sure if i quite cut it.

why do you suggest leeds?

Lily said...

Yay KCL!!!