Monday, 29 September 2008


My UCAS form has finally been sent to my referee. So its either going to be a nice surprise tomorrow if my referee decides to be quick in sending my form off, or a nervous wait if my tutor decides to put it to the back of his mind, and i watch the deadline slowly approaching.

Although knackered from today's chores, and doing the desperately needed living room, kitchen and bedroom cleaning, the house is finally almost ready to be lived in; however, sadly my cousin, brother and his girlfriend have already moved in, and so they'll just have to make careful movement around the obstacles littered across the floors. Feeling a bit tired already, i should really go to sleep, but i have to prepare my lesson plan for my tutoring lesson tomorrow evening, and i still need to find my birth certificate for my HCA job tomorrow!

YAY full time employment as a HCA starts tomorrow, it's going to be a really early start... and i'm not looking forward to the long hours, especially when winter is just around the corner. Thankfully according to the ward sister, i'll only be doing day shifts this month just so i can get use to the running of the ward and all the procedures involved, but although its termed the day shift..the hours are pretty long, with 7.45am starts and 20.15pm finishes, with only an hours break for lunch. As i live approximately 50 minutes away from the hospital.. i'm not looking forward to the commute to work during the winter months!

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