Saturday, 27 December 2008

Happy Holidays

Yay Christmas was actually quite good this year!! - but then my ward decided to close out of the blue and has now left me alone in london for no reason!!!! GARRRRRRR i hate undecisive ward managers! - it means i don't go back to work until the end of the 1st week of January. Although i enjoy my time off, i wish they could have told me earlier as i could have planned something, instead of having not very much to do.

Thankfully this year my brother his girlfriend, and my cousin has decided to visit london, so its not actually been too bad, as i got to spend time at home cooking up a feast to cheesy music, watching re-runs of old films, drinking alcohol and playing stupid games. All in all, twas a very merry Christmas.

On the med application side of things... absolutely nothing! no news! de nada!

- - but from experience January is a very very horrible month - so lets just hope i manage to hold through the month without toooo many rejections!


Red Bean Paste said...

Happy holidays tofumilk~~!

U never know, this break sign that an interview is coming up and giving you time to prepare!

Good luck and best wishes for the rest of your application.. ^_^

Tofu said...

thanks for the good luck red bean, fingers crossed and hoping! but as i always tend to say... i will wait and see!!

Good luck with your application too~

ps. - you won't happen to be hiding in a dorayaki would you? ^^

Red Bean Paste said...

ThanQ aso..

..and I'm more of a delicious mochi/baozi kinda filling ^_~

I must admit I wasn't sure quite wat a dorayaki was, I was like "eh? doraemon food..?!?" After a quick-wiki later :D it looks SO good! Really will try more J-food in the nearby future - Japan centre watch out~!! Ahahahaa

Tofu said...

Ah, no matter if its a baozi, mochi or a dorayaki, im sure its probably a very yummy place!

- in fact dorayaki is doraemon's favourite snack!!