Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Waiting listed

After 6 weeks of waiting from my kcl interview, i've been notified by mail today to stay waiting until march/april, as i sit on the waiting list.

I suppose i am glad its not a straight rejection, but i know my chances of staying at kcl for another 5 years is unlikely, as the chances of receiving an offer from the list is very very low. I will just have to sit and hope. The worst part being through the post-interview wait, i was thinking how i would really enjoy spending another 5 years at kcl; but alas, fate tells me to keep waiting.

My ward has a new HCA, another med applicant gapper, theres now 3 of us on the ward and it seems as if the ward sister has taken a liking to taking on gappers, as the 3 latest hcas (me included) have all been gappers.... or it could possibly be because theres a surge of gapping applicants this time of year; none the less it means i now have another person to chat to about applications and things. However, i do cringe on the idea of seeing one of them on friday, as she also had an interview at kcl last month, and i'm just going to be reminded of my unlikely chances with every shift i share with her.

Really hoping i'll hear from other unis soon, i think it would be pretty shattering to have to fail another round of applications if this year sees a similar fate to the last.


Bored Student said...

So what does that mean? Is it just a way for KCL to say your interview score is borderline so they aren't sure if they will make you an offer yet? I assume they contact you at a later date?

Tofu said...

hello bored student, good luck for your interview in jan at uea!

- to be honest, i have no idea what the waiting list means. On the letter it just says:

"we will make a final decision and let you know in april 2009, when the majority of our interviews are complete"

- so i can only assume i will have to wait till april 2009 to hear.

- and yep, i do think it was down to my interview performance being mediocre; not for a straight rejection, nor good enough for an offer.