Thursday, 4 December 2008

december update

Oh was waiting for the BMAT results to arrive a nuisance, (i believe there was a mix up, and they were sending them out a tad late) but i wish i was still waiting.. as the results weren't just a tad crap..they were worst than last years!

Ok it's only 0.3 marks less than last years..but i think its almost definately means my chances at ucl have gone down the drain, and mixed in with the sudden cold weather, a bad flu, and my desktop officially dead and failing to be reformatted, the week has been pretty grim.

I don't regret taking the bmat and risking it slightly as such, at least now i won't have to live with the "what if" factor. I was slightly dissapointed with my bmat results, but the dissapointment didn't last too long; i suppose i'm just glad its something out the way.

It just goes to show... no news is good news !

on the line of news.. ucas track has remained looking the same as it did almost 2 months ago; however im sure thats going to change soon, as from last year's experience - january seems to be a popular month for bad news ~.~

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