Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Barts Offer (!!!)

After missing my A-level grades to meet my conditional offer terms in 2005 for Barts, 3 years on i've finally found my pass back to Barts as a biochemistry graduate - conditional on health and CRB checks. ^_____^

It almost feels surreal, to the point in which i'm still quite calm, having randomly checked my track on tuesday afternoon, and havn't had the emotional dance, cry or shout... yet (i'm sure there is plenty of time for that in the time to come!)

It's an odd feeling, i don't know how to describe it, but am just really glad its all worked out, and my gap year plans are on course. I think working as a HCA has really made the extra difference this year, and though that said.. i can't wait to move on to the travelling part of my gap year!

Until then.. i'm back onto night shifts tomorrow night!


Lee said...

Congratulations! I've read through every single one of your blog posts and you must be so relieved to finally get there. You deserve to be there on strength of will alone :D

Sengcheek said...

Well Done!

Tofu said...

Lee, thats exactly the word im looking for - relieved. its hard to explain the feeling, had i got an offer last year i would have been in all excitement, but on my 3rd attempt i think its a great big dose of relief more than anything.

thanks sengy!

Anjani's Books said...

Can I just ask if you got in on the 4 year or 5 year course? I have the exact same UKCAT score as you but I've just been rejected from the 4 year GEP.

thanks! and well done!

Tofu said...

Hi Anjani's Books, the offer was for the 5 year course, i hear the ukcat cut off for the 4 year course is 650 this year at bl, but i have also heard the competition is really fierce. I hope you have better luck with your other choices! good luck!!

Anjani's Books said...

well they said I was just under the cut off, so it must be higher than 650.

but thanks, that cleared things up for me! I have an interview at warwick a day after you, I hope that goes well!


Tofu said...

Ah no worries, im glad i managed to clear things up for you ^^ Good luck with the warwick interview! - im quite worried about it, and hope it goes well too.

Anjani's Books said...

If you got warwick and barts, which one would you go for?

I was leaning towards warwick until I got rejected from barts, hahah. the grass is always greener.

Tofu said...

Ah it would be a very difficult choice indeed! i think i will leave the thinking to "if" i get an offer from warwick after interview, as otherwise i could just be wasting time if the scenario doesn't even pop up, though i would be lying if i said i have never thought about it.

is warwick your first choice??

pleasepleaseplease said...

it was until i got rejected from barts, hehe.

no but seriously, yes it is.

(yes, i just changed my name because I am evidently not a book. didnt realise what the name was for when i first entered it)