Thursday, 1 January 2009

New Year ~!

It’s not often I get to wake up and welcome a new year, but as it’s THAT time of year again, I suppose I’ll be setting a whole bunch of targets, most of which will probably be forgotten in a few months time… not because I am forgetful, but with time I tend to realise how unrealistic some of my plans tend to be.

A good example would be my gap year plan to earn enough money to repay my student loan, squeeze in a major backpacking holiday trip, save some money for the future, and most importantly get into a medical school.

-This was sort of going to plan, until:

i) I realised how big my loan was

ii) I realised how little pay HCAs get

iii) when I promised mum I would take her on holiday, so paying a trip for 2 on top of everything else


iv) When i was put on the waiting list after interview

However, although there are now greater limitations to my backpacking trip, i am still really looking forward to my mini adventure, and can’t wait to meet up with my friend to discuss possible plans this week. I was all hyped to go alone, but as I found out one of my friends also wants to take a break after her degree, I thought the more the merrier! (+ safer and cheaper ~.~). Not too sure where we plan to go yet, but hopefully that would be cleared up after a chit chat over some coffee, and with some access to the internet.


On application side of things, i met someone recently whos currently in the final year of her biomed degree at kcl, and having had an interview at kcl in november, has now secured an offer for the 5 year course.. what a great christmas present that must have been!!

- - though whilst i was extremely happy for her.. eeeeek it makes me wonder whats going to be happening to those put on the waiting list... >_____< !!

Let me hope you will be nicer than January 2008!!

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