Saturday, 10 January 2009

A new kind of January - interview invitations

Finally went back to work on thursday after having a very relaxed 2.5 weeks off; it was sort of weird going back to the ward after such a long break, but its good to be back, albeit a little tiring - especially as i don't have the discipline and will power to make myself sleep early, even with knowledge of a 12.5 hour working day ahead.

Went downstairs today to find something to munch on (actually, it was specifically chocolate i was looking for haha, a family friend had bought some back from her trip to switzerland... yum!) and saw a pile of post on the floor, with 2 interview invites, one from qmul/barts 5 year A100 (only 1 day off from my interview there last year, a bit unnerving) and the other was from warwick 4 year A101. January has actually managed to be a niceish month so far - and with the interview for warwick being in march, also means i won't have the same sad situation of receivng 4 rejections in January, as i did last year.

Whilst excited, i'm also a bit worried, as the selection centre at warwick sounds difficult, and barts seems like they have changed their interview style this year, and has sent me a few pages to read about a recent ethical situation to read and to discuss at interview. I suppose this may be the new replacement to the video from past years?

Will probably browse the forums in a moment and see what sort of information i can get, but until then... its time to collect my free shuffle replacement from the apple store - yay another nice january moment thus far into 2009 (i had accidently placed my shuffle into the washing machine with the rest of the laundry, and obviously it came out broken, but having taken it to the people at the apple store in regent's street, they are going to give me a free replacement ^^)


Anonymous said...

are you going to warwick in the morning or staying the night in coventry?

MS said...

Congratulations. Seems like a lot of graduates heard about Barts today! Well done, good luck :)

(I didn't hear anything which is annoying though lol :P)

Tofu said...

hi anonymous, i have a friend studying at warwick at the mo, so i might just see if i can stay over at hers, but if not.. i might contemplate on stay in a B&B the night before, as with a 8.15am start im not tooo keen on taking public transport(!!).

From looking at forums, it does seem like a lot of people heard from barts today, and i am sure you will hear from them soon!! hope your uea interview went well~!

Valerie said...

congrats! :D

Red Bean Paste said...

See? A happy forecast... as much as I dislike people who constantly quote song lyrics, '2 out of 3 ain't bad' ;D

Good luck Tofumilk.

Tofu said...

thanks for the good luck valerie and red bean paste, i am hoping it will be 3rd time lucky too.

i've never heard of the "2 out of 3 aint bad" song until i did a google and watched the youtube clip ^^ - learnt something new today.

MS said...

Good luck today :)