Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Simply put, i have been so lazy!

I worked out from percentages, that i've already passed paper A, and since it doesn't count towards the final year grade, i really lack motivation to revise for the upcoming ICAs on Friday >.<

So meh, time to update my blog instead of some hard-core revision (despite all this, i'll give revision another try tonight). I am scared of the upcoming exams, but i dunno.. i think i'm just tired from the whole year now, and i can't wait for the summer holidays!

On another note, i can't believe the year has gone by so quickly!!!

- had my last learning landscape, microanatomy and practical today, and technically i'll have my LAST LECTURE of the year on Wednesday, ending with a B&B lecture on neural control of emotional behaviour..

...i say technically the last lecture since next week i'll be braced with another 2 weeks of SSMs.... and i'm not sure which is worse... my first SSM, or my upcoming SSM in "accelerated learning" hmmmmmm...!

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