Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Exam Timetable

OK, the feeling has completely changed from yesterday..!!
- I have "THE FEAR" now!

I went into uni and had a talk on our upcoming end of year exams.... and whilst it doesn't count towards my ranking (MTAS final year blah), i need paper A to go well if i want to have a shot at getting a merit (top quartile - quite unlikely, but it's good motivation to work!). Grr~ so .. this ICA is sort of important-ish afterall >.< !

On a plus note, the talk did get my "fear" going! Plus i had my last PBL today too Yahey~ no more PBLs or PBL write-ups until September!(well ...sort of... we've been annoyingly given 3 pbl scenarios to prepare for the summer exams on our own... ¬.¬).. accelerated learning SSC doesn't look like such a bad allocation anymore!

Ok so this is how my Summer Exam timetable looks:

17th - EMQ
18th - SAQ
20th - OSCEs
21st - Spotter (A possible flop!)
27th - Results

Over in a week, and results the following.. i like the efficiency!
BUT until then...

B&B / LOCO ICA on Friday! lets do this!!


Grumpy Biomed said...

LOL it doesn't feel real until the exam timetables are given out, does it? :P

Good luck!

Tofu said...

100%! if examiners knew how effective it is in evoking fear and getting people to work hard..they would publish that thing earlier... unless they want us to fail that is.. ¬.¬