Sunday, 8 May 2011

Suturing Chicken Thighs

This was possibly the best practical session to date..!!

To be fair, i say that a lot about practicals, particulary those where i get really involved.. but i can't imagine doing anything more fun with a chicken thigh, than to make an incision and to suture it back up again.. (okay, eating a roasted one could top that).

Here's a shot of my first few sutures:

We all gathered in the MDL @ mile end, and each sat around a placemat with a thigh on it. It sort of resembled a cookery class, with knives (scapel) and other equipment at the ready, all laid out for you. Each table was led by a dermatologist who gave us the low-down on how to get it right.. and we were then given 30 minutes to get as many sutures into that chicken thigh as time would allow..

...before we got kicked out, and the thigh recycled and re-used by the next set of students. (Lucky i squeezed myself into the first session, and got to destroy the chicken thigh first).

All in all.. a nice bit of fun for a friday afternoon, before the last ICA of the year next friday -

Bring on HSPH/LOCO ICA! (eeeeeks~!)


Grumpy Biomed said...

That. Is. Awesome.

I cannot wait for medical school.

Anonymous said...

Suturing stops being fun when it is one of your OSCE stations. And you have to remember 15 things to say to the patient before you even start, and another 5 things after you're done. Because that's where you get the marks. Also, you get one mark for holding the needle holder correctly, one mark for inserting the first suture in the centre of the wound, and one mark for remounting the needle after you go through one side of the wound. After doing that you can actually just leave the room as you will have passed.

Tofu said...

Grumpy: Not long left grumpy, september 2012 i say! ^^

Anon: Wow, thanks for the pointers!! I Didn't know the thing about placing it in the centre first, nor would i know what to ask the patient initially (!!)