Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Paper Bi: EMQ

HA! Skin and i have had a poor relationship... and it could have got ugly today but luckily C came to my rescue! ^^

She gave me a quick cram session on skin just before i went in, and as soon as the EMQ paper started, i frantically flipped through the booklet to locate those skin questions and unleashed my short term memory.. pure luck! - those questions came up!! Take that liver spots and hemangiomas!

The questions were quite fair, and my pbl write up from HSPH came up as a 5 marker: ethical arguments for Liver transplant.. which was again a bit of good luck, as i was struggling to keep myself motivated to revise HSPH ... ><

So that was EMQs...

OSCEs on Thursday, and the spotter on Friday... ^^


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