Thursday, 9 June 2011

Paper D: OSCEs

Writing this in a bit of a rush, as i have my spotter tomorrow, and have only 13 hours left to start cramming lots of photos!

(That sounds odd.. but that is literally what a spotter exam involves: sitting up all night and trying to remember what different photos are showing.. and then praying the same photos come up tomorrow on the computer, so i can conveniently scroll down and click the correct answer and scroll on... )

BUT thats enough about my plans for tonight, today... i sat my 2nd OSCE exam.. and i have to say.. i'm no where as excited as i was when i wrote about it last year. Sure it was fun, and it was a little different from having to pick up a pen.. but i guess i'm just too tired to be excited about anything. i've never been this tired ...ever...

i really dont know what it is, but im really exhausted now, i've worked so hard throughout the year, and in a way i feel like i may have let myself down with the exams this summer. Sort of feels like i've worked hard and sort of just not performed as well as i could have when it came to the exams that actually did matter....

hmmmpphhhh... all the whining and feeling annoyed about it can come after, and back onto this osce exams today:

The exam was sat in the same pathology museum at Barts Hospital, as it was last year, and i was in the exact same circuit, but this time they chucked in a whole range of different stations.. this year the circuits involved:

-Thyroid examination
- Cardio. examination
- Resp. examination
- Abdo. examination
- Shoulder examination
- Hip examination
- Cranial nerves examination
- Vision examination
- Upper & Lower limb sensory examination
- Taking patient history

Don't really know what to write about, just really annoyed with myself at the moment, and just going to do some cramming for the last exam tomorrow.

im so tired now. Can't wait to have my first night of proper sleep tomorrow.

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Grumpy Biomed said...

Good luck with your final exam, you seem to be doing really well...power through the exhaustion and finish on a high note tomorrow! :D