Saturday, 31 August 2013

First Week of Final Year

That's 1 week done, and 43 more to go!

I didn't feel ready to walk into the Perrin lecture theatre on Monday. It's both quite scary, and exciting knowing that it's hopefully my last ever "first day back" to uni of my medical school life.

I woke up early (with the help of 3 alarm clocks - this doesn't seem to change), wasted time with my morning routine, and got myself to uni. Signed in, collected a huge pack of forms and a surprisingly small log book, and sat myself down for what was to be the typical boring week of introduction lectures.

I don't really have much to talk about, other than feeling pretty happy with all the "freebies" i managed to collect during the week (can't go wrong with a few pens, highlighters and books!).

Random fun of the week would probably be the "Class of 2014" photo - with the bleachers erected on Tuesday, (with no effort made by myself) we had the class photo taken, and ready to be collected for if when we get through the year.

Not exactly a negative, as i suppose it's pretty good that our medical school is preparing us for the national prescribing exam, but an exam at the end of the first week back?! Arghhhhhhh!

.............and that's it! Final year is finally up and running!

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