Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Just before i start final year...

So last September, at the very start of 4th year, i decided to have a guess at which modules I would enjoy and which I would probably hate.

This is how it looked...

Obstetrics and Gynaecology - Like (Really tiring, but a lot of fun!)
Paediatrics - Like (correct...ish)
Neurology - Like (wrong! I thought i would enjoy this..but.. nope!)
Psychiatry - Like (THIS WAS NOT FOR ME)
Opthalmology - Dislike (Loved it!)
Orthopaedics - Dislike (it was okay)
Rheumatology - Dislike (again, really enjoyed it!)
Care of the Elderly - Like (it was okay..) 
Dermatology - Dislike (this was actually quite interesting, but i wouldn't want anymore of it)
GP - Dislike (it was.. okay)

So i was pretty off with my guesses !!

First day of final year tomorrow... let's hope i fall asleep quickly!


Anonymous said...

Hey best of luck with final year!

I have total faith from reading ur blog that you will do well this year too :) x

Tofu said...

Hi anon! Thanks for the luck - i will be needing that, and a lot more to get through final year ^^ !

Patricia Venkatesh said...