Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Year 4 Results: 4/5th of a doctor ^^

This post is er... VERY late. I was half tempted to wait until mid September for all the results to be released before posting (Uni had a problem with one of the exams, meaning a few people unfortunately have to resit the paper due to techinical difficulties.. meaning we only get the percentages and such now, but no idea on merits etc until later), but ... with reality hitting hard.. and my first day of final year tomorrow, meh.. im getting this routine post out the way!!

I do find it a bit weird posting grades on here, but i've done it in my first year, and so in second year i followed suit.. and third year.. well i kept the format for the last two years.. and now forth year.. well ... well ... i guess it's for completion. So here goes:

Paper A - 76%
Paper B - 81%
Paper C - 64%
Paper D - 61%
Paper E - 80%

Eeks, not quite sure what happened with Paper D, i personally thought it went well.. but it goes to show.. i really need to start practising them communication skills before i hit my OSCE exams for final year!

Glad to finally be a finalist! ^^ 

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