Sunday, 30 September 2007

A Week into uni ~

Been back at uni for a week now, not exactly finding things easy, but things aren't too bad either. Current timetable means i have 5 day a week days most ending at 4pm, though to be accurate i only have 4 days of lectures, wednesday i ahve to go in and "improve my technique" for my lab project...
in regards to that.. i have yet to do a succesful western blot...gosh are they bloody hard to do well!!

Free Radicals in health and disease on mondays
...not too bad, quite intersting so far.. but seems to be a lot of cycles involved..which isn't good .. as i hate learning cycles!

Biology of Cancer A on tuesdays
...really intersting so far!! ..but a lot of new terms for me.. especially since i havn't studied a anatomy/physiology based module since year 1 ! Overall i think i'll enjoy the course, though i know it won't be easy to do well...

Lab on wednesdays
...boring.. repetitive... hope to be a western blotting pro.. but perhaps only in my dreams.. i am yet to make one work well!

Protein structure and design on thursday
..this should be renamed protein engineering... and i quote the lecturer on that. haven't really learnt much yet.. as the lecturer handed out a very familiar looking lecture note booklet on the day.. on closer inspection.. its exactly the same one he gave out to me in year 1 when we had a module on basic proteins in biochemistry.... that goes to show how lazy some of these lecturers are!

Bioinformatics on friday
...ok it is not easy.. theres a lot of work involved in terms of learning how to search online for sequences .. and theres just tooo many sites out there.. i find it difficult to catch up with the workshop as he speeds through the 4 hours session in 2.5 hours .. making it too fast paced.

...saturday and sundays.... being a sad-o writing up my notes at home and generally watching a lot of tv...
i watched X Factor today... im usually not a fan of these sort of reality music shows.. as i find most people end up voting for those they like rather than those who i believe deserved to win..but then i am a bias bum who always want the ones with a "sad" story to tell to win..

anyways.... terms of ucas.. well thats been sent to my tutor now for a week and hes not touched it ..the big bum!

...and in terms of brother-sister competition i have to at least get a 2.1 and hopefully a 1.1 as i don't want to "lose" to my brother ......

im immature. i know i shouldn't see studying as competition.
though in reality its not really competition at all.. more like i admire how well he does, and only wish i could have done so well.... and in fact it motivates me to work as i look up to him and hope i can just do as well as him.

This is perhaps the first time in my life i feel studying is actually really important, and that wanting to be a medical student/1st class student is one thing...
..............become a medical student or 1st class student is something completely different..

wanting doesn't equate to getting...

working my butt off and taking things seriously will get me nearer to it.. but nothing is for certain in life, and i just ought to work harder than i ever have in the past!

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