Monday, 5 May 2008


Just a quick update so i can read back on this and weep once exams are over and realise how little revision or preparation i have done.

First exam... thursday.. Biology of Cancer.. im bringing 17.9% (out of 20%) coursework mark forward to the exam, so i need to obtain 50% to secure a high 2.1 .. .but 50/80 is not easy..

...........especially when i saw "Mothers against decapentaplegic" and thought it sounded like some sort of campaign......before i read on and realised its role in TGF-beta superfamily signalling pathway... but in terms of interesting proteins involved in the signalling pathway.. "frizzled" of the Wnt signalling pathway is by far my favourite.. it always reminds me of bacon.. for no apparent reason other than sounding like sizzled, and that the text book had coloured it pink..

now its cramming for 3 days before i start weeping!

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