Saturday, 31 May 2008

Last exam

Viva voce examination on monday..yet... i really can't be bothered to prepare properly for it ...
i guess its going to be a big rush tomorrow afternoon again!


so after a few calls to friends who have been un/lucky enough to have an early viva date...its seems like its going to be quite a mix bag of questions which get fired at the extended research project viva voce.. and it just really depends on your luck with the supervisors you get given... so again..its going to be a matter of luck on the sort of question which get asked.....

Friend A had a nice chat with her supervisor and her lab post-doc about the project and her future plans..
..whilst Friend B of mine had to guess the substrate to the enzyme her supervisor had drawn on the board, and to then back it up by drawing the nucleophilic attack mechanism for which the enzyme carries out its function... 2 very different viva experiences (!!).. though they do have something in common... they are both going on holiday this week! (i can only dream about being in the sun somewhere far away at the moment..... BUT no... ive been ordered by my mum to walk the dog ....and i guess thats the furthest i get to be away from home until the viva is over and done with..or in fact until results are over and done with!)

updated again:

ok..i wasn't that bad! exams are now officially over ~ ! and the email has gone round confirming july 2nd as the official results day! so thats exactly 1 month away!

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