Friday, 30 May 2008

End of what next?

What should i do next year if i don't get a MSc/MRes place.....
this question has been repeating itself in my head ever since my last exam.. its almost sad thinking how i didn't manage to get an offer for medicine.. as it would be rather nice to start that in october this year..rather than being rather lost being an unemployed graduate with no job.. some debt and a lot of spare time.. and of course.. parents asking me what i'll be doing with my life.

MSc/MRes side of things are going slow, i finally managed to have my applications sent off... but being a pain ... one of my referees have still NOT sent in my my applications for neuroscience msc at ucl and kcl are still on hold... which is qutie worrying ..seeing that its really really really LATE in the application .. i've made a meeting with him on tuesday..hopefully i'll be able to rush him... politely. The programme supervisor at ic has sent an unofficial email saying that they'll like to make me an offer..and that they will email me later during the im rather lost.. as they have not mentioned the conditional requirements.. (i really hope the offer is a 2.1 .. i honestly don't think i can even get a 1.1 anymore)...and well.. its sort of an offer..and sort of i really have no idea what the conditions are... so again..its just going to be waiting for some update from them.... later this officially i am still clueless as to what i may be doing next year!

well.. i'm just glad that EXAMS ARE OVER!!!!!!
..but i went into a bit of a rut to update, with the fears of not being able to achieve a 2.1 hanging on my shoulders, its going to be a difficult month until results day come july 2nd!!!

Annoying thing is that they're going to have the results for each candidate printed out on a giant A2-A1 sized piece of paper and have it pinned onto the message board of the academic centre at the franklin wilkens building....and it wouldn't be too bad if they did it by candidate or even student number..but no.... being the annoying people that they are..they'll be printing each candidates final grade next to their name.... so yes.. great for those who have done well.. and just really embaressing for those who have not done as well as they have hoped....... so i really don't see the point of printing it and pinning it up in the main corridor..
...well having said that... im sure i'll be one of the earliest people there waiting for them to have the results released... im just not a very patient person.

So... Free radicals was the last exam.... like most of the other papers.. i think ive done really well in 2 of the essays, and really not too great on the last.. it seems to be an unhealthy trend in my exams. I managed to answer a question on parkinson's disease, and chucked in a few references in there, and answered a question on the Q-cycle... and the last essay..well i sort of wrote a bit around the topic of NADPH oxidase and its effects in the progression of CVDs.... so yes i just blagged on about atherosclerosis.. hopefully i didn't go too off with it.

Well theoretically Free Rads was my last written exam.. but i still have a presentation to do for monday.. slightly worried.. as its suppose to be a viva voce worth 15% of 3 units, and im not really sure what i should be expecting. My friend had hers on wednesday ..and her supervisor literally stood up and drew a molecule on the board and asked her to guess the substrate........ hopefully my supervisor would be slightly nicer and just stick with questions on my dissertation.. (as they are supposed to!).

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