Sunday, 18 May 2008

one more to go!

" Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It's the transition that's troublesome. "

-> An interesting quote which caught my eye as i skimmed the free rad text book in order to find some descriptions to match these diagrams my lecturers have decided to include but provide very little information on. The free rad course is perhaps the hardest course ive taken at kcl within the last 3 years, and i have to admit.. i am not very confident for the exam coming up this thursday either! ...but on a happier note.. it will be my last written exam at kcl.. and just the nasty viva for my research project to go... for which my supervisor has yet to get back to me on the date.... hopefully it won't be early june.. although i get more time to prepare.. i rather have the exams out of sight and out of mind..

Having had a mediocre exam experience so far this year, im sort of half hoping i will even graduate with a 2.1 now.. as the exams have been less than ideal.

Biology of ageing.. well that was a bit nightmarish.. the lecturer was very nice, and the questions weren't too bad.. but after the exam i had a sit and think.... and now im worried i didn't answer the question..but went around it.. (i answered the question on diabetes mellitus type 2, and skeletal muscle and bone) im not that hopeful on doing well for aging now, and sort of hope i did enough to at least get a 2.2 ... the worst thing this year would be to average a 2.2 and pull my 2 years of consequetive 2.1s to an overall final 2.2 grade! >.< ... ok well then i just have more pressure on the upcoming exam now... !! Arhhh i hate free rad!!

Protein structure and design on the other hand was really nice to start, i zoomed through section A, not doing exceptionally well, but i think enough to get a fair bit of the marks in section A, i then had to make the annoying decision of choosing 3 essays, at least one from section b, and one from section c....

well to my dismay.. i could answer all 3 questions in section A... but struggled to choose which one of the 3 essays in section c i should attempt to answer with the little knowledge i had on the design aspects of the course. The first two questions in section A was really good "mark clenchers" one was to describe the GroEL/GroES structure, mechanism and role...which was very nice.. especially since its been featured in the protein-related module every year since year 1... so i would have to have had a big memory blank to forget it...
and the second question i answered in section A, was in regards to experiments which have been conducted in vivo, in the absence of molecular chaperones, and what they have shown, and then something along the lines of describing amyloid fibres and what we know about them...
well this was marks give away number 2.. as the essay question..basically described the lecture slide on Anfinsen's Dogma, and for once im glad i spent my time during revision reading online blogs.. as i first came across Anfinsen's Dogma through reading a blog by a Canadian biochemistry lecturer, who happended to write a post on it! Ok.. and the 3rd essay..well that was just wrong.... it went very badly.. and i hope it doesn't pull my grade down too much, as i was hoping protein was going to pull my marks slightly higher ... well will just have to wait and see now!

Ok.. so last exam to go.. and then.. some proper sleep!

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Lily said...

Everyone seems to think their exams are going to drag them down to a 2.2 or below in 3rd year, but the vast majority of people who think that still get a 2.1 or above so the chances are you've actually done well.

Maybe I should revise at Waterloo. The security guard at Guys keeps trying to get me to go to his house for dinner, and kept on telling me that I could sleep at his flat because it was closer to uni. There's friendly and then there's a little bit scary... and he's now on the scary side!

Good luck with your last exam! I'm not sure I could imagine having to write a whole exam on free radicals... I would just say "Free radicals are bad because... erm... they are radical. Which is bad."