Tuesday, 1 July 2008

1 day away!

Had to settle for a nice lunch with a friend, as our plans to go to the kcl shop and get hold of the kcl monopoly board was a failure today, as we arrived at 2.05pm, and the shop had closed at 2pm!! Akkk! Though after lunch we managed to finished the day off by wondering off to the science museum and the natural history museum at south kensington.

The science museum did seem a lot better when i was younger..whether its because ive grown old now, or just its less intersting now, with the less funding they get these days.. im not sure.

The natural history museum on the other hand was actually quite good, and i really enjoyed strolling through their different themed rooms, and taking random photos with my friend; unsure if its just a girl's thing, but i particulary like the room with the different stones and crystals on display! ^.^

back onto the 1 day left until results topic... although i always like to mention how quickly 3 years have seem, but it really has seem as if the past 3 years have just flown past in a blink of an eye, and from tomorrow onwards i can call myself a graduate!

Results can go either way, and not much i can do about it now, other than to wait and see.. and of course to go in a collect them.. !

MSc/MRes applications have been slightly better than my medical school applications this year, and have an unconditional offer for the MSc course at kcl, which sorts of put my heart at rest, as in the worst circumstances i still have something to do next year..but with the fees set at almost 5k... im not sure if its really a plausable option! I have a MSc interview next month at ucl, which should be intersting.. as after having a chit chat with my friends.. im not really too sure whether i would like to do the course at ic or the one at ucl.. i guess the important factor here is cost, and really if it would increase my employability for the years to follow, as i keep trying to get into medicine.

Summer plans..well are just to relax at the moment, but am looking to apply for some voluntary work, not only for the summer, but hopefully something long term i can keep doing next year, and keep myself busy at times...so am currently looking at either hospitals or elderly care homes in my local area, or perhaps one near my uni next year.

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