Thursday, 3 July 2008

Tofu BSc (Hons) ^.^

Had a quick lunch ... ok it wasn't much of a lunch... a plate of chicken wings and nachos between 5 and the rest of the lunch was really just alcohol to numb the fear of results day!

In fact, the few drinks took longer than had expected, and by the time we got to the Franklin Wilkins building, the exam results had already been released, and there were groups of people outside the building either bearing a smile or a frown..
.................this sort of made it even worse for me, as people already knew their results, whilst i was still trying to hike up the flight of stairs to the academic centre (i do wonder how long it's going to take for me to complete the race for life: 5km run i signed up for... as i am extremely unfit, and my lungs scream at the thought of running after the bus..let alone 5km!).

I was pleasently surprised with my results for bioinformatics (this was for me one of the hardest courses ive taken at kcl in terms of having to learn a lot in a short space of time, and applying it!), cancer (i seriously thought i had messed up the 2nd essay question), and protein (i thought i had messed up the 3rd essay question in section B).

I was then not so pleasently surprised by my mark for my dissertation (i thought, well more like i seriously wanted a first for it, but ended up at 1% short of the mark..grrrr)

..and well finally... aging, and free radicals in human disease were.. well expectedly bad! Akk im just happy i managed to survive the dreaded free rad module!

So yay, i passed my degree, and with First class honours, which brought a huge smile to my face, and pretty much stayed there even in my sleep!! Couldn't quite believe my luck... an overall 'i-score' of 69.42 average, and the viva to give me the extra 0.58 marks i needed! ... all i have to say is... thank god kcl uses an "i-score" system !!

The rest of the day was just spent at Guy's campus where a small reception party was held, and my friends made use of the free drinks available, and i said good bye to a few lecturers and proffessors... and unlike the typical drinking frenzy you see in films or on tv... my celebrations with friends was just a nice hearty meal at a japanese restraunt and a drink in a cafe to end the evening.

Now, with a degree in hand.... what next (whilst re-applying for the 3rd time to medical school this october >.<).........
to work as an hca?
to get a graduate job?
to go ahead and do the MRes?
to travel?

hmm well before i plan what i get up to next year... i better book a time and place to sit the UKCAT, and start reading that dreaded book again... i really hated the abstract section last year, and was so glad it got scapped; but to my dismay..its back again AKKkkkkkkkkk!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I studied at KCL Biomed and I also got a 1st (join the club)! was an interesting read, and has inspired me to create my own blog now!

Can I ask who you are - if you haven't mentioned it already?

Steven Seng

Sengcheek said...

I did make my own blog after I read through all of yours (i was hooked) lol I would suggest making sure you improve your UKCAT score and perhaps apply to Imperial GPEP. Providing you have the BBB a levels, gd UKCAT, work experience and a 2:1 (even better with your 1st) then you stand a good chance against other graduates with 2:1 (everyone else). Keep up the blog!

Tofu said...

haha..thank you for the nice comments; i'm not much of a writer, and surprised anyone actually reads this blog (!!), its more like a place for me to whine.. which does get qutie addictive..hence the long run of posts.

i think i'd quite like to keep my anonymosity. Not many of my friends know about the blog, and i think its quite nice like that, especially when it comes to writing about academic life.

Good luck writing your blog, its quite nice to read back on past posts now and then and see how things have changed with time! and thanks for the advice on applying to medical school, im working on the ukcat, and hopefully it will be 3rd time lucky!!!

Michael said...

Congratulations on getting a first, it must feel incredible having completed university with such a terrific mark! Well done :)

Lily said...

Woo! Well done!

At least you missed the huge queues at Guys campus. I queued for 20 minutes!! Insane.