Wednesday, 9 July 2008

UKCAT 2008

i have reluctantly made a booking to sit the UKCAT on august 4th... !

i hate how much importance is placed on the UKCAT.....

its not even that much of a fair test, as everyone gets given different questions..(!) and i really can't understand how the £60 a go price can be justified - especially as they knocked out 2 of the 5 sections last year..and all they have set up is a computer, a dodgy mouse, a giant calculator (one of those i had in year 3), and a print out of the score sheet at the end of it....

..... and throughout the entire experience, the centre staff are just sitting down with a mug of tea and a biccie.

Although i didn't really excel in the BMAT test last year either, but i still think the BMAT is far fairer test of academic capabilities in comparrison to the UKCAT..which is just silly!

Ok... even with all the moaning.. i will still have to sit this test, and have to start reading through the UKCAT book again this year... and just have everything crossed i don't end up with a low score!

but in terms of good purchases.... I'm sold... epMotion is the way to go!!

official site:

A friend of mine whos currently doing the extramural year at novartis decided to send me this clip.. which had obviously been sent round...

OK..i'm quite sad for liking it, but i thought it was quite funny.. !!
... and with the prospects of 3 research projects which needs doing next year.. i'm going to make sure i find a lab with epMotion!

But on a serious note..

im not really sure if i should do the MRes or to just find a job for the year.. preferably something health related so i can boost my medical school application prospects next year...and of course earning an income would be good too!

Its quite a hard choice.. on one hand doing the MRes at IC will give me more ticks in the academic box, and i quite like doing research so i think i'll enjoy the year.. but on the other hand, with a degree in hand i already tick the academic perhaps gaining more hands on work as an HCA might be better.. ......anyone with any advice ??


Sengcheek said...

If medicine is definitely what you want, then an HCA job is far more beneficial - it shows you have experienced a caring profession. Unless you are interested in research, a MRes won't help you in terms of academics as you have a 1st class degree already. Anyway good luck with the UKCAT, I lent my book out to someone taking theirs end of July.
See you graduation mystery woman!

Anonymous said...

I think an MRes is basically the same as a summer research project.. I'm doing one now and there are some MRes students in my lab (don't forget that the IC MRes is from September to September so if you do get a Med offer then there won't be any holiday before you start!) and I'm doing the same things as them, except I get paid and they get a degree :p Besides, this year's MTAS rates a first class BSc higher than a Masters... so for me if I don't get Med offer then its straight to PhD or else don't bother.