Sunday, 5 October 2008

BMAT revision

Entry deadline: 30 September 2008 (late entry 15 October 2008)
Test date: 5 November 2008
Duration of test: 2 hours
Results available: 1 December 2008

BMAT revision begins today!

Heres a few sites i found useful:

1) UCL - LAPT BMAT practice test

it's too easy in comparrison to the bmat paper i took last year, but i guess its a helpful indicator to the subject areas which needs to be revised.

2) 2007 BMAT Paper with answer key
(YES! the dreaded paper i took last year, someone from TSR kindly posted it up ^^ - not me)

3) BMAT 2008 thread on TSR - discussion on the exam and generally a helpful read for information on the bmat

4) Official BMAT specimen papers (with answer keys)

(PS - my tutor has still not sent ..or even checked my ucas form yet... its been a week already.. hopefully it won't be another week before he takes a look at it and gets it sent off for me!)

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Benjamin said...


I cant open your link and i desperately need that paper lol. I'm sure you know how it is :) Rapidshare keeps telling me i cant download it :(

Love your blog btw.

Could you send me a copy at

Thanks a lot! Hope QM is treating you well