Saturday, 18 October 2008

HCA work october update

Not too sure on the exact timetable yet, but i received a call from my ward sister yesterday to ask if i prefered working on christmas day or on new years >_<

In all honesty, preferebly i would have liked to have to choose neither of them, but weighing out the pros and cons i decided i would put myself down for a long day shift on either day; hopefully they'll be able to accomodate that, and not put me on a night shift.

Though the question did make me think about my future career and what i may be potentially letting myself in for, and although i like spending my christmas holiday with my feet up, i think my decision to apply for medicine is the correct one.

On a fun note, i finally finished my induction training, and enjoyed the adult basic life support and AED training from the resus. service. I've completed a few St John's Ambulance courses in the past, and learning how to apply the same basic principles to a clinical environment was really intersting... plus the very shiny (quite literally) card to certify passing the course is a nice bonus.

Work this week hasn't been too bad, there were some really friendly patients who were all very nice, the nurses taught me a lot more this week, and i got to work alongside student nurses. Although most of it has been well, occasionally there are a few very demanding patients, which require a lot more care and attention, and those which are just cheeky!!

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