Friday, 10 October 2008

UCAS 2009 - sorted

Application has actually been sent since the beginning of the week, but as i havn't heard anything from UCAS since then, i finally picked up the phone and gave them a call this morning... and i'm mighty glad i did!

Seems like my failed application to medicals schools last year ended me up in clearing (i never knew), and my application from last year is still "live" even though i'm pretty sure most unis have already started their courses. Anyhoots, after answering a few buzz questions from the nice people on the UCAS helpline, i finally managed to withdraw my old application and FINALLY i can access track, but using my ID from last year and my username and password from this year... its quite confusing.. but yep, im glad thats sorted now!

I finally made my choices (see above), i know they are a bit on the risky side, but i want a shot at those unis! Well it's just going to be a long long wait now..but hopefully not too long. ^.^

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I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks...