Saturday, 25 October 2008

kcl Interview - in 9 days

I had a pretty quiet day on the ward on Wednesday, so whilst the patients were having their lunch i decided to have a quick browse on the internet and check my mail; and was then pleasantly surprised ( + really happy) to find an email detailing my interview date and time from KCL admissions.

I've been waiting for their email for a while, but actually receiving the email bought a giant smile to my face, quickly followed by fear, and then the task of having to find another HCA to swap shifts with!

I had previously agreed with another HCA gap year student to swap shifts with each other if interviews came up for either of us, but as she is also sheduled to work on that day, and as the interview is very very soon ( 3rd November) i've decided not to risk leaving it too late, and decided to take annual leave on that day; afterall i doubt i'd use up all my annual leave otherwise.

Whilst really looking forward to the interview, i am also pretty nervous, especially after my ghastly interview performance at BL last year ( i really messed that one up!), i am just hoping my nerves won't get the best of me this time round - lets hope!


Lily said...

Gosh that is soon! Good luck!

Tofu said...

Thanks for the good luck..(^^) i really need it!! i'm slightly worried about this one, and jsut hope it turns out ok...!

Valerie said...

:D hi! all the best all the best!

Bored Student said...

Good luck for your interview! I'm applying to Kings too and haven't heard anything (aside from my acknowledgement letter too :P) so obviously selection this early in the cycle is a good sign :)