Sunday, 21 March 2010

End of Loco

Friday's lecture theatre happened to be really empty.... it was the Dental Beer Race!!

A lot of people stayed home designing and putting the last touches to their costumes... and i was impressed! With a first year's naivety, I genuinly thought my team's costumes were pretty good, this was until we got back to whitechapel and saw teams of lego men, doughnuts and highlighters! I think next year i'll go easy on the beer, and spend more time on the costumes.

Also on friday, B&B started without my acknowledgement of it untill i sat down in 2 hours worth of lectures on the brain. Sadly locomotor has finished, and whats i've seen of B&B so far isn't too bad, but i've been told by many upper years to expect it to get a lot worse!

Locomotor -
Likes: was enjoyable-ish, most of it was just upper and lower limb anatomy, so its just about remembering what fits where.
Dislikes: i'm really going to suffer with learning those dermatomes!!!

One more week until Easter holidays (wooohooo 2 weeks off! ^^), but then.... 8 weeks until summer exams!!

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Grumpy Biomed said...

Alcohol > costumes :P

I wish we were motivated enough to do stuff like that at Mile End >__<