Saturday, 6 March 2010

Ragged out

Rag week finally drew to a close yesterday, and I'm feeling confident we've managed to hold the record as London's top ragging medical school once again!

-It was an excuse to walk around in scrubs and harass persuade the general public to give generously for the entire week. I managed to get myself into weird situations including being told off by traffic police, called a beggar too many times, and got invited to sit next to orthopaedic consultants during their morning meeting, before showing them my bucket!! (i watched the junior doctors present the different scans and x-rays, then to be grilled exessively by the orthopaedic top guns - it's scary to think in 5 years time i may have to face a similar grilling)

but now that Rag is over... it's back to dressing normally, and sadly time to get back to work !! (don't think i'll miss seeing the black stuff when i blow my nose... who knew the tube was THAT dirty?!)

Locomotor has technically just been heap loads of upper and lower limb anatomy - So it's not really all that bad, seeing i quite like sitting down with Gray's; in fact i far prefer using a text book and rarely enjoy learning landscape. However it was really good last week, particularly the station with all the X-rays!

I think locomotor will easily be my favourite module, and although i've not experienced it yet, i have a feeling brain and behaviour to follow will be my least.

to end this post on a positive note, the results for the hd/cr/met exams are back, and i'm happy ^^


Anonymous said...

Harass being the operative word! :P

Grumpy Biomed said...

Aw, I think it's great that BL students get so involved in RAG week...I swear QM do absolutely nothing for it >__<

Tofu said...

Harass sounds rude, persuade on the other hand... ^^

RAG is definately a lot of fun at Barts! i ragged once whilst i did my undergrad degree at KCL, but nothing compares to BARTS rag! (bias.... hmm ... nah :P)

I did come over to the mile end campus prior to my learning landscape session and tried the computer room upstairs, twas a very generous lot :D