Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Easter Break - No revision yet

23 Days left until the B+B/Loco ICAs
47 Days until end of year exams!

Feeling: Ummm lazy.

With the afternoon lectures cancelled and the library closed at 1pm (so i didn't even have to feel guilty for not going in to do any work) ... Easter got off to a very good start!

In fact since last Friday i've refused to wear anything but pyjamas, and have eaten an unhealthy amount of cereal whilst dossing around the house. This..... is NOT good!!!

... particularly since for the last 2 years of my biochemistry degree Easter always resulted in a revision frenzy; however this year i'm just not feeling it. I've done some notes, but nothing in terms of revision and although i know the end of year exams are only 47 days away, i've just lost the motivation.


Anonymous said...

It hits the best of us. I'm told. Just keep chipping away...

Grumpy Biomed said...

Hang in there! If you're really feeling tired, take a few days off, don't even THINK about work. When you're suitably refreshed, go for it. I think when crunch time approaches your instincts or reflexes or whatever will guide you through and make you start working.

Also 47 days? Luck you! :P

Tofu said...

Thanks Grumpy and ASD!!

its definately worked! i've taken time off... and done no work since wednesday, and im feeling ready to hit the revision now! ^^