Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Nerve Block: Best Practical Ever!

Today's practical was rather painful, but SUPER FUN, and definately falls into the category of "Unforgettable"! (i'm even tempted to say i want to do it again, despite the pain i was in!!) .

I volunteered to be the subject of the experiment today, which involved sticking my arm into a sphyg cuff, and have it there for 35 minutes at 180mmhg! (i thought "meh, it can't be that painful" .. i was wrong!). My friends would then come and poke and prod it with an array of different bits and bobs to test my sensory response at 5 minutes intervals.

Initialy the pain was from my friends jabbing the lance into my arm with force, but my arm started going numb rather quickly, and by 20 minutes i had lost the ability to feel a few things; i couldn't even fully extend my fingers, and my arm just flopped about. As friends do, they took advantage of this and just laughed as i struggled to control my dead arm to pick up a pen. (fun aside, it was rather scary!)

By 25minutes all i wanted to do was to get the damn thing off, as my arm had now turned a very odd shade, and er.. it was uncomfortable to say the least! However when the 30 minutes were over, removing the cuff didn't give instant relief, instead my arm shot red with intense pins and needles.

Ok, it just sounds like a giant moan, but i genuinly really enjoyed the practical today!!
(However i suspect this may be the only bit of B&B i enjoy)

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